Digital Travel Connect 2020

October 2020

+44 (0)207 368 9516

Why we Sponsor Digital Travel Connect

Stackla is the user-generated content platform that puts customer stories at the heart of brand marketing. 

We spoke to Stackla to see why they sponsor Digital Travel Connect

Who: Stackla

Where: Digital Travel Connect

When: October 2019

What: Exhibition stand and 12 1-2-1 meetings

Benefits: Attention grabbing, opportunities to showcase products and services & getting a leading edge on the competition

“We decided to sponsor at Digital Travel Connect this year because we were so impressed with the event when we attended a previous year. We thought there was really good structure in how the meetings were facilitated, and how there was ongoing support, in terms of making sure that the delegates turned up for the meetings.

The companies and attendees at Digital Travel Connect have been great. Everyone seems to be actual decision-makers, which is really important to us. We have everything here that we are looking for, with lots of opportunities.

“The profiling sheet at Digital Travel Connect has been really useful because it lets us know what certain individuals are looking for, and a little picture on what not, that has been very helpful. It makes it easier for us to prepare in advance and figure out who we want to speak to.

Digital Travel Connect has gone above our expectations, I have been really impressed with the organization and time keeping, and how we have been introduced to the right people and delegates. There all together seems to be a congenial atmosphere and company, with very good chat, which is great.”

If you’d like to join Stackla at Digital Travel Connect then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.