Digital Travel Connect 2020

October 2020

+44 (0)207 368 9516

Why we Sponsor Digital Travel Connect

Tinyclues is the leading, next generation AI-driven SaaS marketing platform enabling companies to generate additional revenue through intelligent campaign targeting and planning.

We spoke to Tinyclues to see why they sponsor Digital Travel Connect.

Who: Tinyclues

Where: Digital Travel Connect

When: October 2019

What: Exhibition stand and 12 1-2-1 meetings

Benefits: Excellent way to get ahead of competitors and showcase products making the brand instantly recognizable.

“We decided to come back and sponsor another year because the people here are pretty high level, they are able to make decisions and follow ups. We have been so impressed with the quality of all the attendees.

We have had a pretty good number of meetings, and have never had to complain about anything. Every meeting that we have had has been absolutely on time every time, it has been incredible actually.”

“For us to keep coming back it means that there are people here that are actually here to meet us, they have heard about us from referrals and people that we met in previous years.

From the meetings that we have had we can tell that they are going to lead to a good follow ups. We think the productivity of Digital Travel Connect has been brilliant, it has been absolutely incredible actually.”

If you’d like to join TinyClues at Digital Travel Connect then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.